3 Things to Look Out For When Creating Stickers

Sticker making is a great hobby to have! Just think about it, what other hobby lets you express your creativity anywhere? Probably a few. And while it’s a great hobby to have, you need to be careful as the outcome could be disappointing.

So in this blog post, we’ll tell the three things you should look out for when creating stickers. This will help you prevent common mistakes and ensure your sticker looks the best. If that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.


#1 - What Materials Are You Using?

While your bank account might like you to buy the cheapest materials possible, I highly suggest you not do it. That’s because when you pick cheap materials, the sticker either loses its color quickly or will fall off the surface in a matter of weeks.

So instead of doing that to yourself, it’s best to use materials that work for your use case. So, for example, if you’re creating a car sticker, then you might want to get something that’s waterproof and with a strong adhesive.

#2 - What Printer Are You Using?

Apart from materials, you must also ensure your equipment is top-notch! A good printer will make your sticker look professional, while a cheaper one doesn’t. So if you don’t have a good color printer that prints photos well, it’s better to use a sticker printing service. Excellent service for it is Stickerapp.


#3 - Your Design

And lastly, you should look at your design. That’s because what you see on the screen does not always look as good in real life. That can be for many reasons; however, here are the three reasons why:


  • Too Detailed - If you have too many details in your design, it will look messy. So, either you’ll have to create a larger sticker or remove some details to make it look better.
  • Too Colorful - Too many colors will make your design look amateur. So if you want to make it look professional, I suggest you use only 3-5 colors.

The File Size - When printing, you should also design it in a high-definition resolution. That’s because, without it, your sticker will look blurry.


And those were the three things to look out for when creating your own stickers. So, when you’re building a new sticker, keep them in mind. Only then will you make a sticker that looks stunning!