Pre Consultation And Planning Ahead, Proper Analysis, Needed Platform, Software Requirements, Save Time And Money, Planned Layout Development
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   I take Site Design along with Programming / Engineering very seriously. The following concepts are kept in mind during analysis, planning and implementing the scope of a client’s project;
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 Plans, Development
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   Pre consultation and planning ahead are the major keys to a successful site design. Proper analysis of needed server platform and software scripting requirements will save time and money in the long run.
Design, Structure 




 Planned Layout Development
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   Site Design must flow in both visual and operations. This takes careful forethought and layout. Visitors must feel comfortable and never confused understanding the navigation. Visual continuity, called "Branding" throughout the site is very important to being remembered.
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 Updates, Proper Strategies
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   No website is ever a finished project persay. This is especially true of 


. Build it and they will come; simply does not happen. Regular Maintenance,

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

 and Site Promotion must be an ongoing part of your

Success Plan

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